About Struan

About Struan Financial Management

The information on this website will provide you with an overview of the services offered by Struan. Struan, however, is only the company name and we want you to meet the person who will help with your enquiry.

We believe that building trust and a long term relationship are essential when discussing and advising on your financial objectives. Therefore, before reading further why not telephone, not to discuss your finances, but to decide whether you will want to discuss your finances with us.

Our preference is to provide holistic financial advice; assessing how the financial products you hold fit with your objectives and lifestyle plan. In this way we can be sure that the advice we provide is consistent with your current plans and, if you change these, we can then adapt our recommendations to reflect these changes.

Providing advice is not a 'one meeting' exercise. It is important that we fully understand your circumstances to see if we can help. It is even more essential that we take time to explain our recommendations. Once you have had time to read and consider these, we will encourage you to ask questions to ensure you understand our proposals.

How can we help you? We could ramble on for pages about the services and advice we can offer, however, the financial situation of each individual is different and, therefore, your personal recommendation will be unique.

We are confident that, when you meet us, you will want to do business with us.

Struan Financial Management Ltd, also known as Struan, is directly registered with the Financial Services Authority; number 435492 (these details can be checked at www.fsa.gov.uk).



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