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Contact us today for a friendly and informal chat about your financial goals. Please use the quick contact form including a brief description of your enquiry and we will be in touch with shortly. If you would prefer to make contact by phone, the numbers are included below. Quick Contact Form Contact Details Struan Financial […]

Life-Time Mortgages

Releasing equity form your home. Life-time Mortgages or ‘Equity Release’ produces mixed emotions for many people.  There was a lot of bad press in earlier years when people died with their properties being sold for less than the debt that was owed to the ‘Equity Release’ company causing financial difficulties for their families. However, nowadays […]

The importance of financial Planning

Importance of Financial Planning and lifestages. Financial Planning priorities change as you progress through your life.  The journey is unique for each person and where you are on your journey can be affected by illness, marriage, having family, divorce and your personal lifestyle and retirement choices . We aim to make your financial planning as […]

Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance Tax is often described as a ‘voluntary tax’ as you can often mitigate against any potential inheritance tax by good financial planning. When you have worked hard to generate wealth over your life-time you may wish to minimise the amount of inheritance tax your estate may be liable to pay.  This can be done […]


Buying the home of your dreams. From buying your first home, to re-mortgaging to another home we are here to assist you with your needs. There are two main types of mortgages: Capital and Repayment This is the most common type of mortgage that people have access to for buying a residential property.  This is […]

Retirement Planning

Planning for a comfortable future. Nowadays, retirement is very flexible and your retirement plans should be able to support you on your choices. Think ahead to what sort of retirement you would like to have and then we can help you plan to achieve this. Not all retirement planning centres around a pension plan and […]

Savings and Investments

Making Your Money Work for You. People save for many reasons and the type of savings vehicle that should be used will depend upon the purpose of the savings, the length of time you are planning to invest, the risk you are willing to take with the investment and whether there are any tax considerations […]

Financial Protection

The Foundation of Financial Planning. The two main events that you need to consider insuring for are death and long-term illness. Insurance underpins all financial planning.  Without it, any savings that you have built up may be wiped out if you suffer a long term illness. Your family may be left in difficult financial circumstances […]