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Financial Diversification

Just because something is a good idea today doesn’t mean it will be tomorrow. Investing in just one idea can therefore potentially lead to big problems.

We aim to build a wide ranging investment solution for our clients, investing in a diversified portfolio – a broad selection of assets which meet your own attitude to risk and stated investment goals.

In other words, we won’t put all your eggs in one basket.

The Benefits of Diversification

The chart below shows that when it comes to picking asset classes, (the different types of investments you could put your money into) it is almost impossible to predict a winner. You can see how no individual asset class consistently outperforms the others.

The black boxes on this chart represent a diversified portfolio that invests equally in all the other asset classes in other words, spreads the eggs across many baskets. We will build a diversified portfolio that is designed to meet your investment goals whilst working within your risk profile.