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Keeping You On Track

It is human nature to buy an investment that is ‘doing well’ and not buy an investment that is ‘doing badly of course past performance really is no guide to future returns. This investment strategy may lead you to want to buy at the market peak when prices are high and sell during market lows at a loss.

This emotional response can be highly detrimental to your investment portfolio. This is why we put in place a clear plan to ensure your investments stay within your risk profile and tolerance to loss, focusing on your long term goals.

Cycles of Market Emotions


There are budget announcements from the Government that affect income, capital gains, inheritance and welfare each tax year.

It is important that you take advantage of our expertise to help ensure that:

  • you do not lose out on any valuable allowances that once they are gone, are gone forever (e.g. ISA)
  • ensure you do not miss out on any monies or reliefs owed to you
  • your current plans are still in the correct shelter and ownership name, so that you legally and ethically do not pay too much tax when you want to spend that money